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Expect a Full Spectrum of P&C Solutions

From compliance to communication, let us provide a full spectrum of solutions for you and your company. We understand the challenges today’s employers face and know you’re asked to take on more than ever. Expect more from a broker- expect our full spectrum of solutions.

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Employer needs

  • Workers Comp Experience Mod Analysis
  • OSHA Benchmarking
  • Risk Summaries
  • Return to Work Programs
  • Fraud Reduction Program
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • OSHA Penalties
  • Federal/State Compliance
  • OSHA Compliance & Support
  • DOT
  • GHS Compliance
  • Employee Safety Manual
  • Workplace Posters
  • Industry Specific Safety Training
  • Employee Newsletters & Videos
  • Quote Plans
  • Claims & Billing Assistance
  • Negotiate Renewal
  • Plan Comparison
  • Coverage & Policy Expertise
  • Application Submission

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Typical Services From Brokers

Break away from the mold of the traditional broker. The average broker meets your basic needs when it comes to claims, plans and renewal negotiation. What about injuries on the job? New exposures like cyber-attacks? Preparing for OSHA?


General requirement OSHA fines average $2,200 per fine and over $6 million per year.

No need to worry- you can rest easy with our regular compliance newsletters, articles, action plans & support keeping you up-to-date and in the know.

3-4 weeks

Employers with established “Return to Work” programs see a reduction in paid time off by 3 to 4 weeks.

Our decision support tools identify cost-drivers and help us create cost reduction strategies for you. We’ll create Safety Manuals, Business Continuity plans and Return to Work programs specified to your business needs and goals.


An inactive employee can cost you up to $1,500 extra in health costs per year; only 34% of employees were aware of any wellness plan offered by employers.

Communication is the most important part of any relationship. Let us help you engage and educate your employees by providing Health & Wellness plans, Benefits Guidesand numerous safety and awarenessmaterials.


We’re Your Trusted Source.

Get all these services plus the guidance to navigate the complexities of insurance from a partner you can trust.