Will Your Business Insurance Policy Cover Losses Due to Covid-19?

business insurance March 18, 2020


Coronavirus and Insurance Policies: What Is Covered?

    Declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization, the evolving Coronavirus is spreading geographically, and its impact on businesses is also spreading.

How will this outbreak affect your business? Better yet, how will your insurance policy respond to losses incurred as a direct result of this virus?

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Ride Hailing Becomes Law in Upstate New York


June 29, 2017

Ride hailing becomes law in upstate New York

Starting on June 29, 2017, transportation network companies, such as Uber and Lyft, will be allowed to expand to upstate New York. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo signed legislation to push up the effective date of the original ride-hailing law, passed in the New York state budget, so ride-hailing companies could begin operating in upstate New York 10 days before July 4.

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